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Generally, your first step in obtaining disability benefits is filing a claim showing how your sickness or injury renders you unable to work.  While you may file a claim without the assistance of legal counsel, doing so could hurt your chances of recovery, especially if your claim is denied and you are required to appeal.  For instance, ERISA requires that all substantive information be submitted before your final appeal is reviewed by the insurance company.  Therefore, documents not submitted by you or your doctors during the claims process will not be heard by a judge if you case goes to trial.  In addition, missing a deadline may close your claim or cut off your ability to submit additional evidence.

An experienced lawyer can help you with each step in this process.  First, a lawyer can ensure the documents are complete in your claim file.  Next, a lawyer can call attention to improper acts by an insurance company, and bring those improper acts to the attention of the insurer on appeal.  Finally, an experienced lawyer can help effectuate a settlement or litigate the claim in court.

At the McKennon Law Group, our attorneys specialize in resolving long-term disability and bad faith insurance disputes.  We provide aggressive advocacy for clients seeking benefits under individual or employer provided policies.  We have established a regional and national reputation as a disability insurance firm and can help you achieve maximum success.

You can consult our attorneys about your claim by calling (949) 387-9595.  We will assess your disability issues to determine your best course of action in claiming, appealing or litigating your benefits.  We handle these cases on a contingency fee basis.

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