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Long-term disability insurance provides employees with income replacement if they suffer an injury or sickness and cannot work.  Yet the insurance company and employee’s financial interests are in direct conflict.  In fact, insurance companies have a financial incentive to deny your claim because money they do not pay you is money they can keep to increase their profits.  As such, insurance companies may issue denials that are improper under the law.

An experienced insurance claim attorney can help determine your damages and file a lawsuit against your insurance company.  Depending on whether state or federal ERISA laws apply, you may be able to recover your policy benefits, emotional distress damages, bad faith damages, consequential damages, attorneys’ fees, punitive damages and interest (up 10% on past-due benefits).

The attorneys of McKennon Law Group have over four decades of combined experience litigating disability cases.  We are experts in resolving long-term disability disputes affecting individual and group policies.  Founding partner Robert J. McKennon is an expert in insurance and ERISA law, and has litigated hundreds of insurance and ERISA cases.  McKennon Law Group has previously resolved client disputes against large disability insurance companies, including MetLife, CIGNA and Hartford. We will aggressively litigate your case to help you achieve maximum success.

If you believe that an insurance company wrongly denied your disability claim, and would like a free consultation, please call us at (949) 387-9595.  We will assess your claim and advise whether you should sue for damages.

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