Multiple Sclerosis Claims Denial
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Your Benefit Claims Should Not Be Denied If You Have Multiple Sclerosis

Many of the most debilitating symptoms of multiple sclerosis severely affect one’s ability to work. These symptoms include fatigue, numbness, weakness, pain, emotional changes and cognitive changes such as the ability to learn and remember information, organize and problem solve and focus attention. Medications often also cause debilitating side effects, too.

Insurers often rely upon the inability to objectively prove these symptoms to deny valid claims for long-term disability benefits. Disability insurers regularly assert that there is no evidence in a claimant’s medical records to confirm their symptom complaints. And this can be frustrating to claimants who can no longer perform their job duties. McKennon Law Group PC in Newport Beach, California, are skilled and experienced long-term disability insurance attorneys. We are aggressive and fight for what is right for our clients.

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Disability insurers often contend that disability claimants with multiple sclerosis can work in their occupations because they are physically capable of performing normal activities such as walking, lifting, sitting, speaking, and typing. However, insurers cannot ignore the physical, mental and cognitive demands required by their insureds’ occupations to deny long-term disability insurance benefits.

We aggressively take on insurance companies, providing knowledgeable and effective representation. As a nationally-recognized law firm in long-term disability, we know how to deal with insurance companies when your benefits have been denied. Our founder, Robert J. McKennon is well-respected among our legal peers, having made the Super Lawyers list for 10 straight years since 2011.

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An incurable disease of the nervous system, multiple sclerosis has affected the lives of many people who hold jobs throughout Southern California. If you suffer from this disease and your insurer denied your long-term or short-term disability insurance claim, let us represent you. McKennon Law Group PC in Newport Beach, California, has the experience and skills to fight for you. For a free consultation, please fill out this request form or call us at 1-800-682-4137.