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Helping You After Being Disabled By Medication

Oftentimes it may not be the diagnosis of a condition that forms the basis of a long-term disability benefits claim, but the side effects of the medication used to treat the condition that is disabling. Diseases such as cancer, HIV and many chronic pain disorders require strong medication regimens with side effects that may be more disabling than the condition for which they were prescribed.

Long-term disability insurers will often focus their arguments on a claimant’s underlying condition and diagnosis without considering the side effects of a claimant’s medications to justify a denial of a claim for long-term disability benefits. At times, these insurers claim that there is no record of debilitating side effects in support of their decision to deny a claim for long-term disability benefits. But our attorneys are here to inform you that you deserve those disability benefits, and McKennon Law Group PC in Newport Beach, California, will do our best to make sure you get them.

Every Client Gets Solid Representation

Disability insurers cannot ignore debilitating side effects from medications. Medication side effects are a critical component in determining whether you can work and rebutting a long-term disability insurer’s decision.

With years of experience taking on insurance companies that have denied disability benefits, our attorneys have had significant success representing clients entitled to long-term disability benefits because they are incapable of working due to the side effects of their medications. We are knowledgeable and have a successful track record. Let us help.

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