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  • I have been practicing law for over 40 years.  I first met Robert McKennon when we were adversaries in a case that went to arbitration about three years ago.  Robert was a very worthy opponent and did an outstanding job for his client and obtained a substantial award for him, much to I and my client’s disappointment.  A number of months ago, when I was experiencing a problem arising out of a disability policy and needed legal advice and guidance.  I considered all of the hundreds of attorneys I know and immediately thought of Robert and retained he and his firm to represent me.  As a long time, practicing attorney, I had many options to choose from, but I had been so impressed with how Robert conducted himself when he was on the other side of a case, and he obtained such a good outcome for his client, that I decided I wanted him in my corner fighting for me.  He successfully resolved my issue, without the need for litigation, to my complete satisfaction.  He did an outstanding job and is a top attorney.  Take it from an experienced attorney- if you need competent, professional legal advice and a strong advocate in your corner, Robert McKennon and his law firm are the right choice.  – Erwin S.
  • When I started researching law firms specializing in ERISA disability insurance claims, I came to the realization that not all are as good as advertised.  Based on the results the McKennon Law Group achieved for me, I am very happy I chose them to represent me in my long term disability case.

    After initially approving my claim, Liberty Mutual stopped paying my long-term disability claim, asserting that I was capable of returning to work fulltime. In denying my claim, the company ignored the medical records, and instead greatly exaggerated the results of surveillance taken without my knowledge. In basing the decision mostly on the surveillance video, Liberty Mutual failed to account for the pain I experienced after I was recorded sitting in a coffee shop for an hour. The company also failed to properly consider my actual job duties.

    The appeal letter prepared by the McKennon Law Group was very strong and thorough, not only highlighting the supporting evidence in my medical records, but also providing many case citations explaining why the claim decision violated ERISA law. Ultimately, the appeal was successful, and the McKennon Law Group was able to get my disability claim reinstated so that Liberty Mutual paid me all past-due benefits and will pay me all future disability benefits.

    The attorneys at the McKennon Law Group were not only courteous and knowledgeable, but kept me informed at every step of the way. If your long-term disability insurance claim is denied, I strongly recommend that you hire the McKennon Law Group to represent you if you are looking for professionalism, experience and dedication to results. – Galina S.
  • After my long-term disability insurance claim was denied by one of the nation’s largest insurance carriers, I felt certain that my policy was terminated wrongfully and started to search for a law firm who specialized in disability insurance. Eventually, I was put in touch with the McKennon Law Group in Newport Beach. At that point I was extremely discouraged as my deadline to appeal was quickly approaching. Fortunately, the McKennon Law Group acted quickly to obtain my file and prepare a very detailed appeal. Unfortunately, the insurer denied my ERISA appeal, and we were forced into litigation. Throughout the process, I found the attorneys at McKennon Law Group to be extremely professional and responsive to my phone calls and emails.

    I learned that not only did Robert McKennon, Scott Calvert the rest of the firm have great experience dealing with ERISA disability claims, but that they have litigated against all of the major insurance companies and their usual counsel. So when it came time to make a decision on how to proceed, the McKennon Law Group already had precedent to refer back to, reassured me that things happening were “just part of the process” and that they knew exactly how to proceed. In the end, the McKennon Law Group was able to secure a significant settlement that allowed me to obtain almost 100% of the benefits I was owed. Filing a claim can be an arduous process where many times you feel more than defeated by the way you are treated by these big insurance companies. I am happy to say that the McKennon Law Group defended me when my LTD claim was wrongfully terminated and was able to help bring some financial security to my family as a result. – Jacob V.
  • The McKennon Law Group is one of the most trustworthy, knowledgeable, professional, and empathetic law groups I’ve had the pleasure of working with. I enlisted them to represent me in my disability benefits case against one of the largest and recognizable insurance companies in the United States. This insurer had totally disregarded the facts of my health and severity of my physical limitations, and wrongfully terminated my LTD benefits in hopes that I would not pursue a legal remedy. They miscalculated and they were wrong.

    Through the McKennon Law Group’s tireless, informed efforts in ERISA law disability insurance cases, and familiarity with the practices of this particular insurer, we prevailed successfully by reinstating my disability benefits back to the termination date, and reimbursement of 29 months of benefit payments. And to make the outcome even sweeter, the insurer also had to pay my attorneys’ fees! To conclude, I have the utmost confidence, respect, and gratitude for Robert and his team! – Thomas R.
  • Prior to retaining the McKennon Law Group to represent me in my fight for long-term disability benefits, I researched several law firms who offered similar services. As a former analyst in the defense sector, I was trained to take the steps necessary to ensure that I made the best decision regarding my legal representation. That process led me to the McKennon Law Group. The McKennon Law Group’s strong stance with the insurance carrier made them realize they didn’t have a chance if the case went to court. After refusing to pay my LTD claim for over a year, the insurance company (a Goliath in the industry) overturned its benefits decision in my favor after receiving appeal letters prepared by the McKennon Law Group. Overall, my LTD benefits were reinstated, all of my past-due disability benefits were paid, my monthly benefits payments are being paid and my life insurance coverage was reinstated. I’m glad I made the right decision to select the McKennon Law Group to represent me with my long-term disability benefits claim. I would highly recommend this law group since they are a true “team of attorneys” who have a thorough knowledge of the law. If you find yourself in a predicament that’s beyond your control, the McKennon Law Group will go the extra mile to fight for your legal rights. – Alan L.
  • After 35 years of ultra-high performance in a very competitive industry, my doctor told me that I was a walking heart attack or stroke waiting to happen. If I didn’t go on disability one or the other was sure to get me. The documentation of my medical team was so strong that State Disability and Social Security Disability Insurance were each approved on the initial application without question. The long-term disability insurance carrier, though, refused to consider the documentation of my medical team and simply denied my application, leaving me to feel like some kind of deadbeat. Then a really good lawyer that I know referred me to the McKennon Law Group PC and everything changed for the better. Robert McKennon and his staff developed a winning strategy for obtaining the long-term disability benefits I deserved. They helped guide me through what could have been a far more intimidating, stressful and frightening experience by providing detailed explanations of each step in the process. Their exceptional expertise led to a quick resolution to my case. I would like to tell you exactly how successful they were in winning a tremendously positive settlement for me, but alas the agreement won’t allow me to do that (the insurance company calls it “Non-Disclosure,” but I think it really is “Please Don’t Embarrass Us”). My gratitude goes to Robert McKennon and the McKennon Law Group. Although I hope that I never need your services again, you can be sure that any of my family, friends, or acquaintances who need help will get my sincere and strong recommendation to contact the McKennon Law Group! – Kent V.
  • I highly recommend McKennon Law Group PC to help you if your disability insurer has wrongfully denied your claim for disability benefits. After suffering from debilitating chronic low back pain for a number of years, I was forced to stop working after experiencing an exacerbation of my back pain and intense arm, elbow and shoulder pain from regular cane usage. My disability insurer denied my claim for disability benefits claiming I was capable of performing the duties of my job in the usual and customary way. Not only did my insurer ignore the medical evidence of my disability provided by my treating doctors, but they also misconstrued and exaggerated surveillance footage taken of me and they attached my character in an effort to discredit me. McKennon Law Group PC filed a lawsuit against my disability insurer alleging bad faith and breach of contract, and was able to reach an early settlement of my case for an extremely satisfactory six-figure amount. I sincerely believe McKennon Law Group PC provides the best representation in the industry. – Robert K.
  • As many of the other testimonials stated, I too was in a condition with debilitating back pain that kept me from working.  I also had major stomach disorders that in and of themselves were enough to keep me out of work.  Of course, over time these conditions lead to another major problem, depression. My insurance company standing was…. Short term pay…. No problem.  Long term pay…. Major problem. Suddenly, the symptoms that kept me out of work and that qualified me for short term disability did not qualify me for long term disability. I saw an ad online posted by McKennon Law Group so I decided to give them a call.  Right away I received a call from Bob McKennon himself who after taking much time to listen to me, told me that he thought that I had a strong ERISA case.  I received an extremely fair settlement by putting back on claim, paying money owed to me, paying me into the future and paying all of my attorney’s fees so I could keep 100% of my benefits!  All as the result of McKennon Law Group’s excellent work.  McKennon Law Group was all over the insurer when they would not do something in an agreed time frame from the initial paper work to even the final check.  They stayed on them and worked it all out to again, a very fair settlement. I would not have been able to achieve all of this on my own.  I believe the insurance companies try to beat a person down to a point where the person gets an “I give up” attitude and does. That was almost me.  After going through all of this, my advice would be to give McKennon Law Group a call right now.  Even if you give up on yourself, call McKennon Law Group.  I thank God every day that I did. – Paul W.
  • I am a doctor, but was unable to continue to working full time due a variety of ailments.  Luckily, I had a Unum long-term disability policy to help replace the income I was losing each month because I was only able to work a limited number of hours.  Or that’s what I thought until Unum denied my claim.  Thankfully, I hired the Bob McKennon and the McKennon Law Group to help me challenge the decision to deny my disability claim.  Once Unum realized that I had the McKennon Law Group on my side, they almost immediately changed the claim decision and approved my long-term disability claim.  Then, when Unum attempted to underpay me, the McKennon Law Group again stepped in to get the matter resolved quickly, and in my favor, allowing me to be paid a higher amount of disability benefits.  The attorneys of the McKennon Law Group worked hard for me.  If your disability insurance claim is denied, and if you are looking for top-notch disability benefits lawyers, I wholeheartedly recommend them. – Tracy K.
  • I could not have recovered the disability benefits I was entitled to without the help of McKennon Law Group.  After I became totally disabled due to osteoarthritis in my knees, my disability insurer approved my claim for short- term disability benefits.  However, after I filed a claim under my long- term disability policy, my insurer denied my claim.  I hired McKennon Law Group PC to handle the denial of my claim through an ERISA appeal.  McKennon Law Group PC submitted an excellent appeal letter with my insurer and my insurer overturned the denial.  Later, after the “own occupation” in my policy, my insurer denied my claim again stating that I was able to perform “any occupation.”  Not only did my insurer ignore the opinion of one of its own reviewing physicians who determined I was totally disabled, it misconstrued and exaggerated surveillance footage it took of me.  McKennon Law Group PC filed suit against my insurer and was able to get my insurer to settle my claim for a large lump sum payment that exceeded my expectations.  Everyone at McKennon Law Group PC was extremely helpful and professional.  I could not have obtained these great results without them.  I recommend McKennon Law Group PC to anyone who has been unfairly denied their long-term or short-term disability insurance benefits.  They are the best and I have already recommended them to others. – Dennis C.
  • After developing debilitating back pain, I was unable to continue to work.  While my employer provided me with short-term disability and long-term disability insurance, my claims for those benefits were denied.  The McKennon Law Group not only helped me with my appeal, but also filed two different lawsuits so I could receive the disability benefits I was rightfully due.  In both cases, the insurance companies agreed to a very good settlements shortly after the filing of the lawsuit. The settlements allowed me to put these fights behind me.  Robert McKennon, Scott Calvert and the rest of the McKennon Law Group worked quickly and diligently, and I am grateful for their superb work. – Robert H.
  • I was forced to stop working due to chronic cluster headaches and chronic fatigue that left me incapable of performing basic tasks of daily living and my job.  My long-term disability insurer denied my disability insurance claim after ignoring the severity of conditions by attempting to classify them as migraine headaches and ignoring how my conditions affected my ability to work.  Even though my doctors agreed that I was unable to work, my insurer did not believe my subjective complaints and demanded medical proof that I was experiencing extreme pain and fatigue.  McKennon Law Group filed my ERISA disability lawsuit in Federal Court and they were able to very quickly secure a settlement of my case that paid all of my denied disability benefits and also covered their attorney’s fees.  They did an excellent job and without their diligence and their strong reputation as experienced and aggressive attorneys, I wouldn’t have been able to recover my badly needed disability benefits. – Melanie R.
  • I would like to say thank you to Robert McKennon and Joe McMillen for the wonderful way they handled my life insurance claim.  After many attempts to get the life insurer that my husband had through his employer to pay after he passed away, we were denied multiple times.  Bob and Joe did not give up.  They were so kind, compassionate and considerate of my feelings going through this whole process.  They were able to settle the lawsuit without me actually having to go to trial, and the case settled for the full policy benefit and all outstanding interest and attorneys’ fees, which was even more than if I had prevailed on every single issue at trial.  Without their great work and kindness, my family and I would not have known what to do at this very difficult time.  Insurers should do the right thing in the first place but at least McKennon Law Group understands what you’re going through.  I couldn’t have done this without them. – Robin B.
  • I searched far and wide for a law firm that specialized in handling disability benefit claims in the LA area. Many of the firms I encountered seemed gimmicky and unprofessional. When I found McKennon Law Group I knew I was onto something good but it wasn’t until they achieved an excellent and unpredictable result in my case that I concluded they are in fact the best in this field.I was unfairly denied Long-Term Disability benefits by my insurer who hired various medical “experts” to do a paper review of my file and arbitrarily say that I was no longer disabled. Even after one of their paid experts seemed to actually substantiate my claim, they followed through with their denial and cut off my benefits. Luckily, I had hired Bob and Scott in anticipation of the denial and they were ready to go with guns blazing to get my benefits reinstated.They referred me to an expert that really helped my case and worked diligently appealing my denial expecting that we would likely go into litigation in order to reverse the decision. Much to my surprise, my insurer actually reversed the decision on appeal and my benefits were reinstated without having to engage in litigation. This was a great result and even though I know this battle is probably not over, I can rest assured knowing that McKennon Law Group is on my side and will work hard to protect my benefits in the future. – A.B.
  • I am writing to commend and to express my gratitude to the McKennon Law  Group and in particular to attorneys Robert McKennon and David Rankin. Bob shows great compassion as well as promoting a comfortable relationship with his clients. He imparts this because of his skill and his great abilities in which he exudes justifiable confidence. More than that, he and his staff provide a welcoming atmosphere in which he listens well to the issues, analyzes them and explains them thoroughly. He left me with a sense of confidence and comfort and a realistic expectation of what could occur.Getting your disability claim is clearly an adversarial situation which requires patience and guidance. Bob McKennon provides both and frankly allowed me to sleep well at night. It’s hard not to form a friendship relationship with Bob. David as  well provided reassurance when it was needed. Both are accessible.Of course the real issue here is getting your claim approved. It requires understanding the process, having to play advantageously by the rules; knowing the big picture,  knowing when to move when not to move,  when  to be patient and when to apply pressure. Bob McKennon is a master of his craft and I believe that he can achieve the best results. Bob is also fair. I feel satisfied and well taken care of. Frankly not the feeling you always get in a lawyers office, but you do here.Again, I highly recommend Robert McKennon and the McKennon Law Group to anyone considering challenging a disability claim denial. You’ll be treated fairly and have the benefit of watching these true professionals at their trade. – Dr. R.W.
  • I was forced to stop working due to chronic cluster headaches and chronic fatigue that left me incapable of performing basic tasks of daily living and my job.  My long-term disability insurer denied my disability insurance claim after ignoring the severity of conditions by attempting to classify them as migraine headaches and ignoring how my conditions affected my ability to work.  Even though my doctors agreed that I was unable to work, my insurer did not believe my subjective complaints and demanded medical proof that I was experiencing extreme pain and fatigue.  McKennon Law Group filed my ERISA disability lawsuit in Federal Court and they were able to very quickly secure a settlement of my case that paid all of my denied disability benefits and also covered their attorney’s fees.  They did an excellent job and without their diligence and their strong reputation as experienced and aggressive attorneys, I wouldn’t have been able to recover my badly needed disability benefits. – M.R.
  • McKennon Law Group was extremely helpful with my disability insurance claim against a disability insurer that refused to honor its insurance contract and pay my disability benefits.  I had the pleasure of working with Robert McKennon and Scott Calvert.  These are attorneys who not only are extremely knowledgeable in ERISA disability insurance cases, but they truly care for their clients.  Every email and every phone call was answered with a full explanation to my questions and concerns.  I was kept informed through the complete process.  Eventually, we went to trial and the McKennon Law Group convinced the judge to award me the disability benefits I was seeking.  In addition, they negotiated an award for all of their attorneys’ fees and costs, so I was able to keep 100% of the benefits I was owed.  If you are looking for attorneys to help you through a complicated insurance case, I couldn’t give them a better recommendation given the service and kindness I received.  – A.T.
  • I suffered a permanent spine injury due to a work related accident. My group long-term disability insurer originally denied my application for disability benefits even though there was overwhelming medical evidence and over five surgical procedures including epidurals since the accident.  I attempted to appeal without legal counsel because my neurosurgeon and workers’ compensation doctors wrote letters explaining my permanent injuries, and I thought the proof was undeniable.  However, to my great distress, the long-term disability insurer denied my appeal.  I met Robert McKennon when I asked a legal advice question on the AVVO website.  Multiple attorneys wrote back and offered the advice to simply consult an attorney. Mr. McKennon was the only attorney that took the time to write back a serious response to my question.  I then called Mr. McKennon and scheduled an appointment to discuss my case.  The initial attorney to take my call was kind and sympathetic to my situation and immediately set up an in office meeting.  I met with Mr. McKennon and I was impressed.  He then assigned the case to Joe McMillen and I was very fortunate to have such an excellent attorney like Joe handling my case.  He, along with Mr. McKennon, worked tirelessly and aggressively to get me the best possible outcome.  McKennon Law Group displayed extreme patience and kindness with me during this very stressful time.  My long-term disability insurer initially offered a very low figure to settle.  We felt it would be best to reject the low offer and go to trial.  That was the right thing to do as we were successful in court and the judge also awarded me my legal fees.  After losing in court, the long-term disability insurer finally made a “policy buy-out” proposal that was considerably greater than their initial offer, well over a half-million dollars.  This could not have happened without Joe McMillen and Robert McKennon.  I highly recommend this team to any person who has a difficult ERISA/long-term disability insurance case.  Thank you Joe and Robert for being advocates for justice.  Sincerely, J.A.
  • After two appeals that included letters from my minor daughter’s doctors, my health insurance company refused to pay for the medical care she desperately needed.  After I was forced to pay for the expensive care out of my own pocket, I hired the McKennon Law Group to help me recoup that money.  Robert McKennon and Scott Calvert did great work and kept me up-to-date every step of the way.  Eventually the case went to trial, and the judge ruled in my favor indicating the insurance company’s previous decision that my daughter’s care was not “medically necessary”, was wrong.  I was awarded all of the money I paid for the care, plus interest, plus attorneys’ fees!  It was a total victory and a great result that I could never have accomplished without their expertise and dedication to top quality work.  I highly recommend that you hire the McKennon Law Group if you find yourself in a dispute with your insurance company.  Thank you Robert and Scott! – E.T.
  • I highly recommend hiring McKennon Law Group if you are having trouble getting any type of insurance benefits, especially long-term disability benefits, from your insurance company.  After injuring my back, I suffered from severe chronic back pain that prevented me from being able to work.  Even though my medical records showed I was in severe pain and my doctors agreed that I was unable to work, my insurance company claimed that I wasn’t disabled because I didn’t have enough evidence to prove I was in as much pain as I claimed I was.  McKennon Law Group was able to convince my insurance company to pay me my insurance benefits without even having to file a lawsuit.  Bob, Scott and David were always available when I needed to speak with them, and they always took the time to make sure I understood what was happening.  McKennon Law Group is the best at what they do and I wouldn’t have been able to recover my insurance benefits without them. – H.G.
  • Robert McKennon recently resolved a dispute we had with an insurance company regarding long-term disability insurance coverage. I met Bob through a search of experts in the area of disability insurance and after talking with him knew we had the right attorney. In short, my wife had been receiving long-term disability insurance payments for almost thirty years, and the relationship with her insurance company was quite hostile at times. In the Fall of 2015, the company notified my wife that she no longer qualified for disability insurance benefits because her increase in her teacher salary set her over the threshold to receive benefits. This position we did not believe was supported by the policy. Although I am a corporate finance attorney and we wanted to punish the insurance company for its outlandish position, Bob brought a dispassionate view to us, explained that under the law with our type of claim, punitive damages were not available, and resolved the matter by reaching a reasonable settlement with the company without litigation, which obviated any further need to deal with the company. – A.P.
  • I am so grateful for the great work Robert McKennon and Scott Calvert of the McKennon Law Group performed on my behalf.  After my father died, Prudential Life Insurance Company of America refused to pay me the life insurance proceeds that I was owed.  Before he died, my father received a confusing premium notice for two different policies.  Even though he paid the life insurance premium, Prudential lapsed his life insurance policy because he did not pay for the other coverage that he did not want or need.  Then, after my father died, Prudential refused to pay me the life insurance benefits I believed I was owed.  The McKennon Law Group was able to convince Prudential to pay me the life insurance benefits.  I could never have accomplished that on my own.   I would give McKennon Law Group my highest recommendation. – L.P.
  • I cannot recommend McKennon Law Group, Robert McKennon and his associate, Joe McMillen, highly enough.  At age 58 after over 20 years on disability my disability insurance company arbitrarily determined I was no longer disabled – denying my waiver of premium benefits in my life insurance policy based on my long-term disability.  This was after a periodic update which clearly showed that my condition was the same or worse than in the past.  I was not willing to accept this.  I spent nearly a year providing additional input to them proving they were incorrect.  I appealed and even filed with two different state insurance agencies.  No matter what I did, the insurer would not change its opinion.  Out of options, I met with Robert.  He explained to me what could be done and how we could proceed.  Turning this matter over to Robert and Joe gave me great peace of mind.  Unlike other attorneys I have dealt with they were immediately “on the case.”  McKennon Law Group put together my complaint and it was filed in Federal Court.  Within a month of filing I received word that the matter was settled in my favor – the insurer decided to reverse its denial decision, fully pay my claim and pay 100% of my attorney’s fees incurred by the McKennon Law Group.  This could not have been a better result.  I am reminded of a wisdom story where there are three kinds of people – some have a job, some have a career, and just a few are on a mission.  I put Robert and Joe of the McKennon Law Group in this third category – they are the ones you want on your side.  – J.M.
  • After suffering multiple severe injuries at work which required 12 surgeries, I was finally forced onto disability and upcoming retirement. My employer was great, but because of all of the surgeries, I had run out of workers compensation and my own sick time. I then had to rely on a long term disability insurance plan that I had been paying for decades. From the outset, I was told everything would be okay by my long-term disability insurer. This was a total lie, they never intended to pay me because they knew I was going to be retired. Fed up, I contacted the McKennon Law Group and within a few weeks, I was receiving the disability insurance benefits I had paid for.  After several more months, Bob and Joe secured a settlement in my case. Bob and Joe did a great job and without them, I would probably have received nothing. – M.Z.
  • I knew going in that my case was a long shot. I suffered from major depressive disorder, and my insurance policy limited benefits for depression to two years.  I contacted the McKennon Law Group to confirm what I already feared, but Bob McKennon asked me to send my medical records so he could see the specifics of my condition. After reviewing over 300 pages of medical documentation, Bob found a component of my illness that had not been considered—one that he felt changed my case. The attorneys at the McKennon Law Group worked with me every step of the way, communicating clearly what they needed from me and my doctors. They were organized and tenacious, and not a detail was overlooked. After the complaint was filed, the insurance company quickly reached out about a settlement.  I was in complete disbelief and could not be more pleased with the final settlement. I owe the firm a debt of gratitude for getting me the benefits I deserved. Everyone was helpful and easy to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend the McKennon Law Group to my closest friends and family should they ever have the need. – A.Z.
  • Despite my doctors stating that I was unable to work at my physically demanding job due to high blood pressure and other conditions, my insurance company denied my claim for long-term disability insurance benefits.  While I understood that I had a difficult case, the attorneys at the McKennon Law Group fought for me every step of the way and eventually I was able to reach a settlement with the insurance company that I was happy about.  I am very grateful to Bob and the rest of the attorneys at the McKennon Law Group for always believing in me and never giving up.  Their service and their expertise was incredible.  If you need attorneys to help you fight for your disability insurance or other insurance claim benefits, I strongly recommend that you hire the McKennon Law Group. – B.L.
  • I was injured on my job and the same insurer handles my company’s short-term disability insurance plan and long-term disability insurance plan.  I had a short fight with the insurer for my short-term disability, but the insurer denied my long-term disability insurance claim.  Considering my Workers’ Compensation claim had been accepted, I could not understand why my long-term disability insurance claim had been denied. I was extremely stressed about this and eventually found McKennon Law Group and spoke with an attorney.  McKennon Law Group took my case and within a short time, filed a suit in Federal Court.  A few months later, a mediation had been scheduled.  A few days before the mediation, I spoke with an attorney, who clearly explained the procedures of the mediation and what McKennon Law Group had planned for me.  Although we did not settle at the mediation, a few weeks later I did receive asubstantial settlement offer that included paying my claim in full including my past-due benefits owed, paying my attorney’s fees, and putting me back on claim.  I am now receiving my disability insurance benefits on a monthly basis. I am extremely pleased with the way my case was handled.  I would recommend McKennon Law Group to anyone who needs to assistance with long-term disability.  I am more than pleased with the services I received from Iris, Scott and Bob at McKennon Law Group! – S.M.
  • After becoming disabled, I applied for long-term disability insurance benefits through my employer’s disability insurance carrier.  The insurer denied my claim, explaining that it obtained surveillance footage which discredited my reported symptoms and claim.  I demanded to see this evidence, and saw that the surveillance footage showed little other than my ability to speak with a neighbor for a few minutes, ride a bike, wipe water spots off my car and perform some minor yard work.  It did not take a medical degree to instantly see that these brief activities did not contradict my mental or physical limitations.  I appealed the denial, and the insurer again denied my claim.  Shortly after, a friend highly recommended McKennon Law Group to handle my ERISA long-term disability insurance claim.  McKennon Law Group filed suit against the insurer and within six months, convinced the insurer to settle my case with a substantial offer to buy out my long-term disability insurance policy.  I am very grateful for my friend’s recommendation as McKennon Law Group very ably and professionally handled my case.  Because they have represented both insurers and now policyholders like me, their experience and knowledge of disability insurance claims is unsurpassed and their contacts with insurers and their lawyers are very valuable to disability insurance claimants like me.  I would highly recommend McKennon Law Group to anyone needing legal assistance to aggressively fight against their insurance company. – G.S.
  • Words cannot adequately express how grateful I am to you and for all your hard work, knowledge and professionalism this past year. Bob and the rest of the attorneys at the McKennon Law Group are so very good at what they do! This has probably been the most difficult year of my life. Thanks to you, however, things are getting brighter each day.  Bob, I can only hope that there are more people in the world that care as much for their clients well-being as you and your staff do. Should I ever find anyone in need of your services, I will not hesitate to refer them to you. I will forever be indebted to you. – T.H.
  • A devastating car accident left me with severe back pain, leg and muscle spasms to the point where I was unable to work or live my life like I was able to do before the accident. I applied for short-term and long-term disability insurance benefits. My insurance carrier paid short-term disability benefits for about six months, then terminated my claim and refused to pay long-term disability insurance benefits. Initially, I retained an attorney, but he did not have the time or resources to devote to my case. I was directed to the McKennon Law Group. Upon contacting them, it was clear that they had significant experience dealing with ERISA insurance cases such as mine, and had formerly represented some of the largest disability insurance companies in the U.S. I very much valued their experience and approach to litigating my case. McKennon Law Group worked closely with me to develop my case and provided regular updates so I always understood what the next step was during the appeal and litigation. Eventually, McKennon Law Group convinced the insurer to pay back all my past-due benefits I was owed and to fully reinstate my claim, thus paying me all that I was owed plus interest and my attorneys’ fees. Because McKennon Law Group accepted the attorneys’ fees the insurer paid as its compensation, I received and I am still receiving 100% of my disability insurance benefits! This is a true David versus Goliath victory and this could not have been accomplished without the amazing work and diligence of Mr. McKennon and his excellent attorneys. I would whole-heartedly recommend them to anyone seeking benefits from their disability insurance carrier. – J.H.
  • Before retaining McKennon Law Group to help with my disability claim, I tried to deal with my insurance company on my own for over a year. During this time, the insurance company’s representatives treated me very poorly, with no respect whatsoever. In fact, the representatives did not respond to my inquiries, and blatantly misled me about my eligibility and benefits under my policy. Despite my best efforts to provide the insurance company with all the information they requested, my claim was denied. The representatives at the insurance company told me that it was unfortunate for me but there was nothing I could do about it. This was also untrue, and I found McKennon Law Group to handle my case. The attorneys reviewed my case and determined I was eligible for benefits, and should have been receiving benefits for the last two-plus years. Without McKennon Law Group, the insurance company would have gotten away with treating me as if I didn’t matter and letting me believe I was not eligible for benefits. McKennon Law Group made the insurance company take responsibility, pay me the benefits I deserved and admit that I Did Matter. Recovering on my claim helped alleviate the financial burden I incurred during the time the insurance company refused to pay my benefits. Thank you so much McKennon Law Group for fighting for me and treating me with respect. – V.F.
  • I have spoken to several other attorneys before I had a chance to speak with Bob. After a minute or two I quickly realized that Bob was head and shoulders above everyone else I have already talked to. His experience and professionalism as well as his attitude and overall approach to my case made him the oblivious choice for my representation. For about a year and a half he worked methodically on my case. He communicated openly and extensively at all times. I knew exactly what we were trying to achieve, where we were in the process and how good were our chances to prevail. More importantly – Bob always made it clear that this is my case and it is all about my situation and my future. He always put my interests first and the level of trust we had throughout the entire time was nothing short of remarkable. Together we were able to negotiate what I definitely consider the best settlement I could’ve ever had. I would whole heartedly recommend Bob and his firm to anyone who is looking for a legal representation. – N.E.
  • Before finding the McKennon Law Group, I consulted with at least two other ERISA firms, but the attorneys declined my case, stating recovery would be very difficult or impossible. I called the McKennon Law Group where I immediately spoke with an experienced attorney and scheduled a consultation for that same week. During my consultation, Bob spent considerable time evaluating my case, clearly explaining the strengths and weaknesses to me and his strategy for approaching my case. Throughout the process, Bob and his associates were always accessible by telephone or email and provided regular updates regarding my case. Bob’s prior work representing insurance companies gave significant teeth to my case, because he has close relationships with in-house attorneys at the insurance company involved (and other companies), and a clear understanding of the insurance industry. The end result speaks for itself: Bob and his team obtained a six-figure settlement of my case—a case which other attorneys deemed too difficult to bother with. I cannot thank them enough. I recommend the McKennon Law Group to anyone who has a denied insurance claim, especially a disability insurance claim like mine. I give them my highest recommendation as they are the best in the industry. – M.P.
  • In the spring of 2012, my wife of 19 years fell ill and on July 22 of that year, at the age of 43, she succumbed to that illness and passed away. To add insult to injury, I discovered that before her passing, our life insurance had been cancelled just a week earlier. During our marriage, she had always taken care of the household bills, including our life insurance. It turns out, that because of her illness, she was unable to keep up with her duties and I was not aware. I tried contacting the insurance company to explain what had happened and they would have none of it. I was in no position to just “let it go”, so I contacted a lawyer, then another. I was told there was nothing they could do as the policy lapsed due to non-payment. Case closed. Well, not exactly. One of those attorneys highly recommended the Mckennon Law group. I spoke to Robert McKennon over the phone and right away, I felt like maybe there was hope as he developed a theory of recovery that the others did not think about. And so we proceeded. I had very little information I could share and even less actual paperwork, as my wife handled everything. After some time had passed, we finally had a mediation scheduled. Try as we might to reach some type of agreement, the defendants appeared not to be interested. Robert told me not to worry, that he had seen this tactic before and he still remained confident. Over the next few months, as depositions were about to occur, defendants approached us to settle the case. Robert and his team expertly and deftly handled the negotiations. Two other law firms turned down a “no win” case and all of a sudden, here I was with a settlement that would not only help me financially, but also help me close a very painful chapter of my life. We actually received a settlement that I was more than comfortable with. My sincerest thanks to Robert McKennon, Scott Calvert, Joe McMillen and the entire law firm for helping me through this difficult time. – S.M.
  • I purchased a disability policy and life insurance company from Union Central Life Insurance Company.  However, based on bad advice that I received from Union Central’s insurance agent, Union Central tried to rescind both the disability policy and life insurance policy when I became disabled.  However, after Bob, Scott and the rest of the team aggressively pursued my case, not only did Union Central decide not to rescind my life insurance policy, but we reached a favorable resolution of my long-term disability insurance claim.  I am very grateful for the work that the McKennon Law Group performed on my behalf and would not hesitate to recommend the firm to my family and friends. – J.I.
  • Dear Bob: I would like to thank you and your team for the hard work you put into my case even though it was a difficult one.  I only wish I had found you earlier.  In spite of the challenges with my case, you were able to end what has been a very stressful and difficult challenge in our family by helping us settle the case.  Your tenacity and patience with me is appreciated.  Thanks for taking the time to thoroughly explain my case to me and assisting me with my settlement, allowing me to move on with my life.For any potential clients, you really cannot go wrong with Bob Mckennon.  He is truly one of the best in his field.  What I love best about working with him is that he was very calm but firm in his appraisal of my case and above all he is a real Christian man.  Thank you again Bob.  Our family has finally put Metlife behind us. – Dr. J.O.
  • I do not know what I would have done had I not found Robert McKennon and the McKennon Law Group. Large insurance companies are like bullies, and make it so difficult to work with them. Robert and his staff worked hard for me during my fight for benefits. With their great work, I was able to collect 100% of my disability insurance benefits after my insurer denied my claim. They always kept me apprised of the status of my case and were always available to answer my questions. I am so glad I found the McKennon Law Group and would definitely recommend their services to others. – K.R.
  • I cannot thank you and your staff enough for bringing such a very stressful time for me and my family to a positive conclusion. I can only hope that there are more people in the world that care as much for their clients’ well-being as you do. Your staff was knowledgeable, courteous and extremely patient as I tried to convey information you required while struggling to speak, let alone speaking clearly, as stress exacerbates my symptoms. Should I ever find anyone in need of your services, I will not hesitate to refer them to you. Thank you once again. – L.V.
  • I have had the pleasure of being represented by Robert McKennon, as well as to work with him as an expert consultant on a large insurance matter. Bob and his associate Scott Calvert are very thorough, competent and intelligent attorneys who do an excellent job for their clients. Their organization and presentation of evidence is excellent, as are their deposition taking skills. I would not hesitate to recommend them. – S.R.
  • Dear Bob and Company: On behalf of my family, thank you again and again in your expert mediation in settling my mom’s long-term disability insurance dispute. Your assistance and knowledge of the insurance policies help us settle the case that other attorneys would not take on contingency.You’ve literally elevated the financial stress and burden from my hardworking mom’s and our shoulders.We wanted to thank you so much for your help. We are truly grateful for all that you did. You did a great job and we wanted you to know that. Sincerely, – G.K. and Family
  • Bob, thank you so much for taking my case. I know it was a difficult and challenging one to handle. I can say with certainty, the result you were able to achieve for me changed my life and for that I am so grateful. I would not hesitate one bit to recommend you to anyone involved in a dispute with their carrier. – D.B.
  • I want to thank McKennon Law Group PC for their excellent legal representation. Things changed quickly once Aetna received word that I hired your law firm to take over my disability claim. Words can’t express how much I appreciate your assistance. To express my thanks to McKennon Law Group I thought of the biggest animal in the jungle. I would like to thank you elephant big!Sincerely, – G.K.
  • I would like to thank Bob McKennon and the attorneys at the McKennon Law Group for helping me fight my insurance company and getting my benefits paid. Despite denial after denial, they got the job done. I would also like to thank Scott Calvert for his excellent communication with me at all times. – M.C.
  • I am so grateful to Bob McKennon and the attorneys at the McKennon Law Group for helping me secure long-term disability benefits from my insurer, The Guardian Life Insurance Company. Guardian denied my claim without even evaluating my medical documents, but Bob and his team were able to show Guardian why that decision was incorrect and improper, and convinced Guardian to fully pay my benefits. They were always there for me and provided superb service to me at all times. If you want the best law firm available to stand up to your insurance company, I give McKennon Law Group my highest recommendation. – J.I.
  • The services provided by the McKennon Law Group were outstanding. The firm truly cares about their clients and have their best interests at heart. I will proudly recommend your firm to my friends. – F.O.
  • As a client and a practicing attorney, I have only positive remarks for the McKennon Law Group. They are very professional, knowledgeable and aggressive attorneys who clearly put the best interests of their clients first and foremost. I highly recommend McKennon Law Group!!! – J.E.
  • As in-house counsel, it is important for me to have the confidence that I can rely on the McKennon Law Group for my litigation needs.  They have been extremely successful in not just successfully litigating cases on our behalf but also avoiding litigation whenever possible.  I only use the McKennon Law Group for my outside counsel litigation needs. – C.E.
  • I want to thank Bob, Scott and the other attorneys at the McKennon Law Group PC for excellent work getting me my disability benefits from The Standard Life Insurance Company. They did a great job of helping me understand the process and kept me informed every step of the way.I could not have been happier with the results the McKennon Law Group obtained for me. If you need an attorney to help you fight your insurance company, their experience (including their former work for insurance companies), expertise, and aggressive advocacy makes this firm the best in the business. – B.H.
  • I was more than fortunate to have found the McKennon Law Group.  I desperately did not want to go to court and they settled my case above and beyond my expectations.  I did not think that it was possible. The insurance company had already worn me down and I was about to give up. At a time when I was helpless, they developed a plan of action and navigated me through a difficult process.  I can’t imagine working with another team of attorneys or their staff.  They are professional, emphatic, disarming, determined and unrivaled in their profession.  This was proven to me as they anticipated the strategies they needed to take because of their extensive experience and maneuvered the case to a positive outcome.Thank you for all that you did you for me, both financially and personally.  It was an emotional process. The combination of the level of sensitivity and professionalism that was shown to me will not be forgotten. I am happy to have put that time of my life in the past and I am grateful to them for their efforts.  I would recommend them to anyone who needs to go up against an insurance company with brilliant, astute lawyers on their side. – J.T.
  • I had been handling my long term disability insurance claim with Aetna Life Insurance Company for two years on my own.  However, after two years of paying my benefits, Aetna denied my claim. I was crushed. After I tried to submit requested information, Aetna still refused to reinstate my claim. I had to fight them. I contacted several attorneys, secured their fee schedules and documentation on cases they had been involved with and won.  The McKennon Law Group was overall the best in my opinion in all categories.Bob often followed up with me before I made my final decision as to which firm to hire, but he did not pressure me.  I even asked him at one point if I was running out of time to file.  He could have said yes, as I would have never known the truth, but he was honest with me and said, “No you’re fine. Take your time and choose who you think is best.”I ultimately chose McKennon Law Group.  It was a great choice. They filed my case and before trial and a mediation, Aetna decided to pay my claim in full by paying all back benefits due and are continuing to pay me now!Needless to say I would recommend Bob McKennon and the McKennon Law Group law firm and staff to anyone who has had their insurance claim unjustly denied by one of the major insurers. In my opinion, your case can be considered won by Mr. McKennon and his staff. – K.H.
  • Bob, I cannot thank you and your staff enough for bringing such a very stressful time (regarding the denial of my MetLife disability claim) for me and my family to a positive conclusion: full payment of my disability benefits!  I can only hope that there are more people in the world that care as much for their client’s well-being as you do.  Your staff was knowledgeable, courteous and extremely patient.  Should I ever find anyone in need of your services, I will not hesitate to refer them to you.  Thank you once again. – M.G.
  • We didn’t think there would be light at the end of the tunnel. But with your dedication and hard work, you have created a rainbow. You are like David slinging his stone at Goliath proving that the little guy can indeed go up against a big insurance company. A simple “Thank You” just doesn’t seem enough for heartfelt gratitude we feel for you helping us to get to a much better place. Your professionalism and dedication to your clients is something that is rare in this day in age. Your staff was a constant help providing information and updates on our case.Thank you very much!!! – The J Family
  • I cannot thank you and your staff enough for bringing such a very stressful time for me and my family to a positive conclusion.  I can only hope that there are more people in the world that care as much for their client’s well-being as you do.  Your staff was knowledgeable, courteous and extremely patient as I tried to convey information you required while struggling to speak, let alone speak clearly, as stress exacerbates my symptoms. I was treated not only as a client but as a friend. I would and will recommend you and your firm in the future, and again I would like to thank you for all you have done for me. – L.V.
  • While representing us, Bob and his staff worked with me and my family in the most professional and caring way. I am an attorney myself and have worked with Bob in the past but when I needed a lawyer, I did not give it a second thought when deciding who would be the best person to handle our case against Allstate. And I was right. Bob and his staff are thorough and professional and make the process easy. With their knowledge and experience they obtained a great result for us. I have and will continue to highly recommend Bob and his firm to anyone who needs legal representation especially in the matters dealing with insurance coverage.Bob, thank you very much from all of us for a great job. – S.M. and the M. family

Disclaimer: This testimonial or endorsement does not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.