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McKennon Law Group specializes in litigating and resolving bad faith insurance claim disputes.  Because of our aggressive advocacy and our regional and national reputation as a leading insurance litigation firm, we are able to achieve maximum settlements and judgments/verdicts at trial.

California law imposes on every insurance contract a duty of good faith and fair dealing, based on fundamental fairness. The duty requires both parties to the insurance contract to conduct themselves in a manner which is fair and reasonable. It prohibits them from acting or failing to act in any way that would unreasonably deprive the other of benefits owed under the insurance policy. The duty prevents insurance companies from delaying or denying benefits owed under the insurance policy without just cause. If the insurance company delays or denies benefits owed under the policy in an unreasonable manner or without just cause, it acts in “bad faith,” and the law may permit you, the injured insured, to recover not only the policy benefits, but also emotional distress damages, consequential damages, attorneys’ fees, pre-judgment interest and punitive damages.

We have over 25 years of experience litigating hundreds of bad faith insurance cases.  Our attorneys are nationally recognized experts in bad faith insurance litigation and have chaired numerous seminars and written numerous articles dealing with bad faith claim issues.  In fact, the attorneys of the McKennon Law Group previously represented the insurance companies that denied such claims and thus have the broadest possible experience in litigating these types of insurance disputes.  We can and will aggressively litigate your case to achieve maximum success.  No attorneys in California are better suited to litigate your bad faith insurance claims.

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