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Homeowners insurance is typically available to insure your home’s structure, your personal property, your liability if someone is harmed, and medical costs if someone is injured.

A free-standing home’s entire structure is typically covered along with attached and detached structures, like garages. A condominium policy typically covers interior structures and fixtures, but not common area external walls and structures. A renter’s policy usually covers only contents and liability, but not physical structures.

Many, but not all, types of risk are typically covered, e.g., fire, smoke, frozen plumbing, theft and vandalism. Slow leaks from plumbing and long term settlement of foundations are typically not covered. Some coverages, e.g., earthquake and brush fire, may need to be purchased separately.

Although California mandates that standard coverages be made available under forms approved by the Department of Insurance, options are many and varied. And even skilled judges and insurance agents can often be stumped by the arcane and stilted language used in many insurance policy forms.

We have extensive experience arbitrating and litigating all types of homeowner property and liability insurance claims, and we are nationally recognized experts in insurance bad faith law and litigation. We can and will aggressively litigate your case to achieve maximum success. No attorneys in California are better suited than we are to litigate your homeowners insurance claims.

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