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McKennon Law Group specializes in litigating and resolving health insurance and bad faith insurance claim disputes.  We are experts in litigating and resolving health insurance disputes involving individual and group (employer-provided) policies involving the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, commonly referred to as ERISA.  Because of our aggressive advocacy and our regional and national reputation as a leading insurance litigation firm, we are able to achieve maximum settlements and judgments/verdicts at trial.

There are several types of health insurance that are governed by different laws.  Individual health policies are governed by state laws, which typically provide a broader array of damages for policyholders.  Most of the health policies issued through employers are governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (“ERISA”).  California law implies in every insurance contract the covenant of good faith and fair dealing, also more commonly known as insurance “bad faith.”  If an insurance company denies your insurance claim and does so by engaging in bad faith conduct, you may sue for policy benefits due under the policy, “consequential damages” that are caused by the bad faith conduct, emotional distress, punitive damages, attorneys’ fees and interest on past-due benefits (typically at the legal rate of 10%).

As to the policies governed by ERISA, you can sue for policy benefits, attorneys’ fees and interest due on the benefits not paid.  Health insurance policy denials and rescissions are on the rise and there has been much publicity about them.  The reasons for not paying these claims are many, including that coverage is not provided in the policy, that the policyholder made misrepresentations in the insurance application and the insurance company is entitled to rescission of the policy, that the services were “not medically necessary” or were not “authorized,” or that the treatments were “experimental.”

We have had extensive experience litigating ERISA and insurance bad faith cases involving life, annuity, health and disability claims.  We are nationally recognized experts in insurance bad faith law and litigation.  No attorneys in California are better suited than we are to litigate your insurance claims.  We can and will aggressively litigate your case to achieve maximum success.

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