Class Action Claims

A class action is a representative action in which one or more plaintiffs actually named in the complaint pursue a case for themselves and a defined class against one or more defendants.  A class action case may arise in many ways, such as an improper/illegal business practice, policy or a product defect which affects a large group of people.  These actions typically involve relatively small sums of money for each plaintiff but cumulatively involve significant sums of money.  The claims of the “class representatives” must arise from facts or law common to the class members and the named plaintiff(s) must be in a position to adequately represent the class.    

Recovery and Damages for Class Action Claims

In situations where there are a large number of plaintiffs, but each individual plaintiff has a relatively small claim, a class action may lower the costs of litigation and be the most effective way to recover.  One injured plaintiff may begin a class action claim by retaining a law firm to find other similarly injured parties, certify the class and litigate the claim.  

Class Action Claim Experience

McKennon Law Group PC has experience working with the best class action firms in California to pursue class action cases.  We frequently “associate” with other class action specialty firms to litigate our class action cases. 

We have been litigating class actions, ERISA insurance, disability insurance, life insurance, health insurance, bad faith and other matters since 1986.  Our attorneys are top rated by all major peer review rating agencies and have been honored to receive numerous prestigious recognitions.  Robert J. McKennon, the founding partner of McKennon Law Group PC, was recently named in the Business Edition of Thomson Reuters/Super Lawyers annual list of the nation’s top attorneys in business practice areas.  We can and will aggressively litigate your case to achieve maximum success. 

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